> MEGAMOTO plays heavy noise math rock
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2018-07-27Festival L’Abeille Beugle – Vaunières (Frances, Hautes-Alpes)

2018-03-21 – Folks ! A few gigs added ! Come and meet us ! >>> 30/3 Bourges @ Brasserie Bos w/ USA Nails, Blacklisters, EXdrummer >>> 31/3 Rennes @ L’Elabo FTTT Grosse Session #1 w/ Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Bracco and many more >>> 21/4 Lille @ Le Cirque w/ Supercolator >>> 28/4 Liège @ La Zone w/ Les Anonymes

2018-02-23 – w/ Poil @ Louvain-la-neuve Ecuries du Biereau

2017-11-12Kool Strings (BE-Liège), Noise’R’Us (FR-Pau), and Rock It Yourself (FR-Bourges) are broadcasting our tracks this week ! Go and check out these (therefore and even previously) very wise stations ! Thanks to them for the support !

2017-11-10 – Next shows are coming end of november : nov 24 in Brussels (@ Bocal with Monocle ; Excellente Attitude + Dolom), nov 25 in Mouscron (@ Risquons Tout, with Dolom + Zozo Violenta), nov 26 in Dour @ (Labo), with Ni

2017-10-10 – Megamoto 8 tracks LP is now out,  on A Tant Rêver du Roi, Gabu Records and Vollmer Industries ! The first occasion to get it will be our following two dates in France : oct 12 in Paris with Human Theorema and P.I.P, and oct 13 in Metz with Duds and Dolom !

2017-08-14 – Megamoto 8 tracks LP’s coming late september on A Tant Rêver du Roi, Gabu Records and Vollmer Industries ! Go and check them out!

2017-04-28 – Our first LP vinyl is foreseen autumn 2017, but we already released it on a floppy disk format (no need to own vintage computer hardware to use the private download link on it) Rare, attractive, and only recycled stuff ! Come and buy it … but only at our gigs, no distribution yet.